Memory Moment

«This album evokes all sorts of feelings upon listening
to it. Whether it be recalling my personal experiences while traveling through an entire day with the trio on the epic first track Morning/Long Day/Evening/Run or imagining the varied faces and colorful designs of dancing Petrushka, the music on this album
from beginning to end readily conjures up rapidly changing scenes as if they were being projected onto a widescreen cinema.

As with LRK recordings of the past, the natural sounds of all instruments are faithfully reproduced and clearly heard against each other. Meanwhile, the introduction of electronic sounds is done tastefully in Memory Moment, an intense composition with a wonderous progressive rock touch. Voices and natural sounds are deftly incorporated into Through The Winter, a composition that arouses courage and a strong will to endure what I can only guess as being an actual, harsh Russian winter.
The positive, inspiring sounds contained throughout this album are sure to make it one that I will choose to listen to over and over again».

Christopher M. Knott, DJ
FM COCOLO, Osaka, Japan